College admissions go online –

July 5, 2011 admin 0

Gone are the days when students and parents had to stand in multiple admission queues to buy and submit admission forms. aims to make the admission application process truly hassle free by tying up with educational institutions to bring their admission application process online.

Starting a Technology Company in India

July 3, 2011 admin 1

Starting a technology company requires legal, operation and human resource understanding. In the first of the series of articles on this topic, we talk about setting up a company in India and obtaining necessary permissions with local government departments.

Bigadda chooses e-commerce over social networking

July 2, 2011 admin 0

BigAdda, a social networking arm of Reliance Entertainment, announced that it will be shutting down the social networking service. BigAdda will now enter into the crowded but rapidly growing Indian e-commerce market. Users have been given 15 days to backup all their personal content before it becomes unavailable.

Search Offline Matrimonial ads on Internet –

July 2, 2011 admin 0 (FMM) attempts to bring thousands of offline matrimonial advertisements on the Internet. By providing a search facility through Internet and Mobile phone, FMM attempts to provide truly integrated services and taps into the traditional less tech savvy Indian matrimonial service market.

Doctor Just a Click Away – DocSuggest

June 30, 2011 admin 1

DocSuggest allows visitors to search for doctors based on various factors. The platform also allows visitors to book an appointment of selected doctor over the web or telephone free of cost.

Essential Elements of a Founders’ Agreement

June 29, 2011 admin 1

Founders’ agreement is an essential document that one must look at before starting any business. We try to touch upon some of the important elements that should be included in a Founders’ agreement.

The Different Types of Business Entities in India

June 28, 2011 admin 3

Indian laws allow different types of business entities to be established such as Sole Proprietorship, Partnership Firm, Limited Liability Partnership, Private Limited Company and Public Limited Company. Choice of the business entity depends on various factors including taxation, liability, future growth strategy, investment and exit strategy.

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