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Thousands of matrimonial ads are published in leading national and regional daily newspapers across India. Until now, there was no easy way for anyone to search through these ads. attempts to solve this very problem. Entering an already crowded space of online matrimonial service, FindMyMatch (FMM) attempts to offer a unique service by making all the offline matrimonial ads available for search on their website.

This unique concept has already got lot of attention from the industry as well as the media. Often, parents pay a considerable amount of money to publish matrimonial advertisements in national dailies like Times of India, Hindustan Times etc. By making these advertisements available online, FMM attempts to tap into the matrimonial service market.

The company also allows visitors to post their profile and create matrimonial advertisements on the website. However, these advertisements are not posted in newspapers. Online matrimonial services weren’t able to tap into a huge market of conservative and less tech savvy Indians who relied on old methods of placing advertisements in newspaper. By bringing such Indians online, FMM has expanded the market many folds. Also given that these are paid advertisements published in newspapers, the chances of their genuineness is significantly higher than a free ad posted on an online matrimonial service website.

FMM also offers the service over mobile phone by using the Short Message Service (SMS). It delivers relevant profiles on your mobile phone based on the preference you set when registering for the service. In future, FMM will provide truly integrated solution to prospective clients via offline (newspaper ads), mobile and Internet services.

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