Bigadda chooses e-commerce over social networking

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BigAdda announced to its users that the social networking service will shut down. BidAdda, which is run by Reliance Entertainment, emailed all its users to backup their data including photos, blog collections, audio and video files from the website before July 15, 2011. Many experts believe that it is relatively a very short notice to give to the members given the user base of over 2.5 million. Also the company is not clear in the communication whether they will delete all user data or simply make it unavailable and continue to retain a copy for internal/marketing use.

According to the company, in the past few months, BigAdda has been experimenting with discount deals of branded products and has been quite successful in it. This has motivated them to expand as a full e-commerce service platform and discard the social networking platform. It is not clear if the blogging service will be shut down too. BigAdda blogs became very popular after Amitabh Bachchan started blogging as BigB on BigAdda. Whether this would mean an end to Mr Bachchan’s blogging career?

E-commerce has been booming in India with several players being successful in creating a foot hold in the Indian market. With the roll out of 3G services and broadband penetration in rural areas, more and more Indians are now connected to the Internet.

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