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How often you wanted to take a Doctor’s appointment only to realize that they don’t offer appointments over phone? Well, there is a company that now aims to solve this problem. is a platform that allows its visitors to book an appointment with their preferred doctor.

The site allows its visitors to register on the website. Once you create an account, you can search for a doctor in your locality. The search can be based on the medical specialty such as Orthopedic, Skin Specialist, Dentist etc, you are looking for. The website then shows a list of Doctors that fit the search criteria. One can then select a particular doctor and take an appointment online. DocSuggest also allows you to take the appointment over phone as well. The service is currently available free of cost to the patients.

The website is the idea of Keerthi Kiran Chennupati, an IIT Bombay alumni. Shantanu Jha, CEO of DocSuggest leads a very dynamic team based out of Hyderabad. The services are currently available only in Hyderabad. However the idea does have a potential to scale to different cities.

You can check the website at If you happen to use the service, do leave a feedback by commenting below.

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