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One of the biggest challenges facing the Indian technology industry is that of knowledgeable manpower. Hiring the right talent becomes even critical for smaller IT companies and startups that cannot spend lot of time and money on training. Anyone who has actively conducted recruitment and job interviews for technical positions would agree that one cannot simply rely on the candidate resume for information about the candidate. Shortlisting and conducting interview simply on the basis of information present in the candidate resume is time consuming and costly.

Solving this very problem for the technology companies, two Indian Entrepreneurs, Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran K, started InterviewStreet.com in 2009. Initially the company started as an interview preparation website helping students and fresh graduates to practice mock interview questions. For this, the company charged students an information access fee (membership fee). However, the business model, underwent a change and now InterviewStreet.com helps companies recruit the right programmers for the job.

A company looking to hire programmers can sign up for the service and create programming problems for candidates. Such programming problems are then presented to candidates who wish to apply for the job position. The candidate is presented with a nice web based code editor in which they can attempt to answer the question. The candidate can even test his/her code online before submitting the same. In the backend, the hiring company can review reports related to each candidate who attempted the test. The company can also replay the entire test ruling out the possibility of copy-pasting of code. Based on these reports the company can shortlist candidates for further interview rounds.

InterviewStreet.com already has many customers such as Amazon, Flipkart, Cleartrip.com etc that are using their services.

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