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In today’s scenario, there is really a war for talent and job seekers typically get multiple job offers. Often candidates accept multiple job offers but obviously cannot honour all of them. The offers that job seekers do not honour automatically get lapsed. The employers suffer a huge loss of lead time because of “No Shows” on the day of joining after the offers have been accepted. Every employer at some point of time has been at the receiving end and has suffered because of the “No shows”. Currently employers, circumvent this by rolling additional offers, with the assumption that some may not finally turn up. However, this policy is generally not good for the entire recruitment/human resource ecosystem.

A Bangalore based startup, iAccept.in, is looking to solve this very problem of “no show” through its patent pending process. Heres how it works. An employer signup for the service on the website. A verification process makes sure that unscrupulous companies do not misuse the system. Once registered, the employer can invite prospective employees to the website to accept the job offer. An employee is verified through his/her PAN number to make sure duplicate accounts cannot be created. iAccept plans to move to UID system once that becomes available.

Once on the website, the candidate can see all the job offers that have been made by various employers (if applicable). As soon as the candidate accepts one of the job offer, other companies are informed about the candidate’s decision to reject their offer. The candidate can then generate an authenticated offer acceptance certificate which can be sent to the employer.

In case a candidate chooses to accept another job offer, the previous company is informed about the decision. Once the previous company releases the candidate, he/she can accept the new offer. In case an employee does not show up for the job on the joining day, the company has an option to mark the candidate as “no show” to alert future employers about it. This flagging can only be done after the day of joining to avoid misuse. Currently there is no way for employees to leave a feedback for the employers/companies or challenge a “no show” flag.

There are certain benefits for the employee as well. In case a company does not give an experience certificate on release, the candidate’s experience is recorded on the website (provided all offers are accepted/rejected on the website). If a candidate acts ethically in all transactions, his/her credibility score will be high and future employers will look at the candidate’s profile more seriously.

While the system is innovative and really attempts to address some of the hiring issues that companies face, the success of the website depends on the number of employers who sign up for the service. If an employer is not part of the network, then candidates can still get away with a “no show”. The website claims to maintain complete confidentiality of employee information and is certified by Verisign.

iAccept.in is owned and operated by Trusted Technology Solutions. The company was founded by Mr. B Mohan Kumar. He holds an engineering degree from Birla Institute of Technology and has worked for companies such as Hindustan Motors Ltd, National Productivity Council and ABC Consultants Pvt Ltd before starting Trusted Technology Solutions.

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